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Tela blanca de algodón


To help the environment with sustainability, reducing or eliminating any textiles from being wasted.  We strive to renew materials, in such a way, that we may offer them in an increasingly better condition, for  sale in the textile market.


To be leaders in product distribution in the national and international market.  Bringing to market  quality products, at a competitive price accompanied with excellent service.

We will maximize the resources of the company by continuously improving our services, the conditions for our collaborators, and the supporting community.

To be perdurable to staff, suppliers, and all those associated with the company.  


Our set of values is intended to directly influence the attitudes, behavior, motivation and results of our company. Creating an organized chain of command, perfectly aligned with, achieving a work environment that projects those values to all stakeholders.

  • Honesty.

  • Amiability.

  • Cordiality.

  • Respect.

  • Responsibility.

  • Initiative.

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